all the good vibes and energy from the supermoon tonight.

me update

so for the most part I’ve been doing good, although kind hard this weekend. My parents are here and they were planning on meeting him, so I had to tell them that we broke up. My mom got teary so of course I did also. I think she felt sad for me, last time I was with her I was talking about how great he was…I’m sure for a mom to see a daughter (especially at my age) who thinks she met “the one” and then to hear about the break up, makes her sad for me. My PMS, extra emotional, doesn’t help me. I’m good though. Just updating you on my feelings at this moment.


If you want me to stop…lol…writing all sensitive…LMK.

And out

And I just really want to be wearing my ugg slippers in the background;)…but I can still clean up well…and go out.

House call work prep

I’d rather be packing to see Him like the usual…but this will do…now the big question, to eat grilled cheese or just go to bed lol. I had subway for dinner with Alexia and saw Coco. It was super cute but reminded me of my vacation with Him. Doesn’t help that i’m PMS’ing so extra emotional. Maybe I just answered my own grilled cheese debate lol.


I’m sick of guys…

Saying I deserve better. What does that even mean? ugh:/ step it up then!!! Is it them trying to make me feel better. It doesn’t. Don’t you want to be wth someone that you think deserves better.? I think its lame.


Tomorrow I volunteer! Always makes me feel better.

Me today

Middle or side?…or should I chop it off?!!!! Can’t decide.

I cant wait

til I meet my forever man…that I’ll know he’s always there for me…vice versa…i feel safe always…theres nothing that can shake us…nothing that I can do that would make him leave…I thought he was it…but obviously not. That just means that Gods plan for me is better . Truly believe that. Someone that was talking future with me and then leaves me definitely isn’t right for me! Love is unconditional. Love always gives. Love endures all.

I will keep you updated!