loveee this


I tried it on today at Fred Segal and didn’t buy it. But I’m still thinking about it! Cashmere is expensive lol…I found it on sale tho!

why wouldn’t you

want healthier, stronger, smoother…hair…

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they don’t send you products every month. every 2 month they email you if you need more. You can keeping pushing orders as long as you want…or switch products.


Plain sparkling water is as healthy and hydrating as regular water;)

I feel loved

So many friends looking out for me. Helping me when I need them the most…

I tend to be a do it myself girl…but they took notice that they are the experts in this area and that I need help…they took charge. Helping me from making mistakes that I could possibly do. Thank you.

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All this for 299!!!! Sale ends tonight! Buy the 299 product package and get 5 additional products free! Order under become a market partner. You NEVER have to sell anything! You can just get the 30% discount….but if you want you can;) that’s how I started. I just signed up for myself to get the discount and cant help but telling people because I’m obsessssssed! OBSESSED. I think it’s the best product out there, and being in the biz I’ve tried them all.

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