Currently doing my hair!:/


I leave for vacation to Europe on Saturday and of course I wait til last minute to get all my beauty maintenance done so its all fresh…bit didn’t work out so well with my hair;/…everyone at the salon is booked so I’m doing it myself. I’ve always cut my own hair but highlights is not that easy:/…wish me luck…I think some, not well done highlights, are better than my crazy roots. hopefully…

Me Saturday 


…today was one of the days that I feel bad for myself…(I know I have it good but) overbooked doing hair for 10 hours  is VERY tiring physically and mentally, one of them being extremely draining…I LOVE what I do and love my clients but days like this I feel like, and look like, a drowned rat;) not cute…and I get confirmation on that when the cashier at the liquor store says, “looks like you’ve had a rough day” lol…but I did it and am alive and well