The best gift!

Dyson Hair Dryer

I know the price tag is high but it is worth every penny. It’s so much lighter, smaller, and dries your hair much faster. At work when I use anything other than this it feels like the first cell phone. If it wasn’t a HUGE difference I wouldn’t recommend it.

Need some extra cash or just want the products???!!

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Love these hair products


SO I could go on…but the champ dry shampoo, renew shampoo (moisturizing), smoothing conditioner, blow out cream (heat protectant), root lifter (volume), hairspray, rejuvabeads (for split ends), replenish masque (thirsty hair), black 2+1 (for thinning and clarifying for blondes, scalp issues)…ok I’ll stop.

why wouldn’t you

want healthier, stronger, smoother…hair…

get it NOW

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they don’t send you products every month. every 2 month they email you if you need more. You can keeping pushing orders as long as you want…or switch products.

Trust me

These are my daily goto products. If you’re hair needs help just try it!

You can buy it retail and pay for shipping or become a VIP 1 time 19.99 for free shipping always and 15% off…plus free product on your bday, flash sales…let me know if you need help;)


Does your hair need HELP? Here is your answer.

If your hair is dry and THIRSTY…

and if you use heat on your hair get the blow out cream FOR SURE //  HERE


If your hair is BREAKING, usually bleached, over processed, won’t grow because it’s fried

intense repair shampoo / HERE.

intense repair conditioner / HERE

intense repair treatment / HERE

For guys with THINNING hair

classic confidence system / HERE

What I use

Renew shampoo / HERE

Smoothing conditioner / HERE

Blow out cream (heat protectant) / HERE

Thickening spray / HERE


I apologize for this really crappy put together post but I’m legit exhausted and figured something was better than nothing! These product I’m obsessed. Like everything if your hair is shit, you need to give the products time to start seeing a difference,,,like going to the gym once and wanting to see major results;0…If you have any questions ask;) they’re naturally based, use less product because its much more concentrated than most…you can order regular retail or become VIP, one time 19.99 (includes free shipping on all other orders, 15% off, free product on you bday…) it’s the way to go in my opinion because your really should be using this and only this on your hair…don’t like it or wanna exchange for another product you got 30 days. The oil is amazeeeee also. proven to penetrate all 3 layers of the hair….other oils don’t do that!!!!! anti aging……




The best! Rejuvenique Oil!

NATIONAL NEWS!!!!!!! Rejuveniqe Oil – pamper yourself like a celeb! This liquid gold is infused in nearly all of our products! ??Official/non-blurry segment coming at ya tomorrow! ?

Posted by Lindie Kimbro Ramsey on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cant’ figure out how to post with sound…but the BEST! For your hair and skin

buy HERE

This is botox for your hair!

Only oil able to get in the middle of your hair shaft. I also put it on my face! It’s amazing for your skin too. You can use it as a hair treatment while you sleep or use a couple drops (thats all you need) before you bd or after as a finishing.


Best new natural based hair products that work!

the shampoo I use HERE

conditioner I use HERE

(I have curly frizzy hair)

heat protectant/blow out cream HERE

I’ve been testing this out for a few months to see how I like it and I’m obsessed. Not a product pusher but I LOVE! If order I’d do the VIP so you get free shipping and 15% off…and a free product…

Its the ONLY hair product clinically proven to reverse the age of your hair. Like retina for your hair, but natural!

Let me know if you need recommendations for your hair type xx

These are the 3 that I use on the daily for my hair type, which is curly and frizzy.

Naturally based, essential oils, sulfate free…

The best blowdryer. Dyson blowdryer!

I was hesitant to buy it because of the price but after I heard clients raving about it I needed to see for myself…it’s amazing! It’s lighter, dries it faster and makes your hair smoother…If you blow-dry your own hair on a regular basis I highly recommend it. It does come with a 2 year warranty;) HERE

My fav hair brush



Well every size of these brushes are my favorite. This one is the easiest to use to get a quick straight blow-dry.

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