Ok I think I’m doing it

but now I want it today lol. Once I decide I want something I want it immediately. Lina LOVES hers and I feel like my face is falling. It’s pricey but better and cheaper than filler and facials all the time. HERE

Parachute Sheets

I ordered the the Duvet cover in parcel to test it out and now I’m ordering more! He is obsessed, keeps asking me to order more. I think I’m gonna test out the sateen fitted sheet. HERE

My cart

I need to narrow it down though;/ I clearly need more shorts…I have the leopard biker shorts and am OBSESSED

for the cold.

Hot Chillis for layering in cold weather! I’m heading to Bhutan and it’s freezing so ordering up all my layers.


Everything I bought today.

I walked to Club Monaco. I’ve been wanting to order some things but I’m not familiar with their sizing. I love their stuff recently. Classic  and sophisticated. The pants I got in size 0, I could have done 2 for a looser “cool fit.” The cozy pants are xs, the SOFTEST pants ever. Shirt I got in blue and white in M, small worked but I liked the Medium better. Dress in size 0. Now that I’m living in Miami I need a new wardrobe. Tight jeans in this humidity no good…and yes I’m living in Miami now. I moved here to be with my boyfriend. I always said I would never live with someone before I was married but never say never, if it feels right you gotta do it. SO I DID! If the door opens you have to walk thru it, actually run through it! xx