what i bought this week.

My fitbit broke this week so I needed a new one before my triip! I’m obsessed..and now there is a newer one out so kinda worked out.

New boots

I got size 8 but I think I’m gonna get a half size up. I should have known. I always like to go up in boots so they don’t squish my toes. I rather ┬áthem slightly big than squished feet:) They could work but I know Ill be happy with the 1/2 size up.


my monday order


I’ve been wanting Alexa so I think it’s just time I buy it. I like the white HERE41oupqzYLOL

Bamboo whisk HERE


in case I cant master the whisk HERE


Obsessed with matcha lately so I need to start making it at home. I’ve been getting it from Alfred Tea but ready to copy and master it at home. I think getting it frothy is key.