green pepper, cucumber, tomato, tofu, cauliflower, spinach, sunflower seeds, avocado

dressing: vinegar, salt, pepper, cayenne, turmeric, salt, pepper



I worked out today but literally for  20 minutes max…I don’t know If I should take a week break to give myself a fresh restart and then go strong or keep going and allow myself to have shitty workouts…

These spanx 

So i tried them all on and these are my fav, I wanna wear every day. I notice a line from my jeans and underwear lay  and its smother from all being “tucked” in :/…so thought this would keep it all in…yes I;m crazy but I think it’s a good idea


My new idea…

Is to wear Spanx underwear every day…ya we’ll see how that goes and how long that lasts;)…I just ordered a bunch of different styles so I will do a review once I test them out;)


I’m hung over so usually I would eat like crap but trying to stay strong…If I’m gonna drink I gotta pay the price…we’ll see how tonight goes;/…it’s always easy when I’m busy working, at night is the true test;)


Day 3 of my back to healthy living…so far so good, I feel better already! Apple lemon ginger juice.

My UGG slippers HERE

So thirsty 

I may have to check into rehab when I get back to LA:/!!!!!!! Major detox when I get back…but that may not happen…