what i bought this week.

My fitbit broke this week so I needed a new one before my triip! I’m obsessed..and now there is a newer one out so kinda worked out.

my monday order


I’ve been wanting Alexa so I think it’s just time I buy it. I like the white HERE41oupqzYLOL

Bamboo whisk HERE


in case I cant master the whisk HERE


Obsessed with matcha lately so I need to start making it at home. I’ve been getting it from Alfred Tea but ready to copy and master it at home. I think getting it frothy is key.



Trying to stay away from the chips and tortillas. Oh  but i had 1 mini churro;/

probiotics are a must…


I just watched a long video and researched different probiotics. I found and ordered these. I’ll let you know. I learned that you cant take too many so load up…I’ll let you know.


Cauliflower crust pizza dinner

mix pre chopped cauliflower from trader joes with 1 egg and a little cheese (seasoning if you want)

if you chop your own cauliflower make sure u ring it out in a towel to remove all the water

bake crust for 20 minutes at 450 degrees

take out and add toppings

bake with toppings for another 10 minutes





green pepper, cucumber, tomato, tofu, cauliflower, spinach, sunflower seeds, avocado

dressing: vinegar, salt, pepper, cayenne, turmeric, salt, pepper



I worked out today but literally for  20 minutes max…I don’t know If I should take a week break to give myself a fresh restart and then go strong or keep going and allow myself to have shitty workouts…

These spanx 

So i tried them all on and these are my fav, I wanna wear every day. I notice a line from my jeans and underwear lay  and its smother from all being “tucked” in :/…so thought this would keep it all in…yes I;m crazy but I think it’s a good idea


My new idea…

Is to wear Spanx underwear every day…ya we’ll see how that goes and how long that lasts;)…I just ordered a bunch of different styles so I will do a review once I test them out;)


I’m hung over so usually I would eat like crap but trying to stay strong…If I’m gonna drink I gotta pay the price…we’ll see how tonight goes;/…it’s always easy when I’m busy working, at night is the true test;)