Plain sparkling water is as healthy and hydrating as regular water;)

just ordered new Nike Flyknits

I need all new sneaks. The white pair i just ordered and posted were too small so I just ordered a half size up in those..These black ones are the new version of my fav pairs. I got rid of one pair and desperately need to get rid of the other. I ordered these in my size (assuming they fit similar to my previous ones.) I love the all black. HERE


I ate it so fast I forgot to take a real photo;/… I was obsessed with my chia pudding but I overdosed on it. My new nightly snack/dessert is greek yogurt with manuka honey and a sprinkle of this beauty blend and super seed mix.

Whole 30 update

…so It is pretty easy now and I don’t mind doing it. I actually kind-of like it…I did cheat once a very little for my bday; 1 glass of champagne, 1 martini, a little chocolate and a compliant meal out but I’m sure there was some butter or sugar in something. Whole 30 says if you cheat you have to start over. I am not doing that;)…although I am going to make it more my lifestyle vs. a 30 day cleanse/reset. It basically is a paleo diet…

Whole30 day 6 update!

I’ve had a headache for the past 2 days. Not sure if it is related but I think it might be. I’m also pretty tired today, and was getting bored of my food options already. The soup I made saved me! It’s so delicious. Next time I will make it in the crockpot instead of the stove.

new soup cravings…

I’m wanting to make a veggie puree soup for the first time. I love soup and its great to make is big batches and freeze. I’m going to google some recipes and make it this week! I’ll let you know! Seems like they all have potatoes in them tho:/… I think I can replace with white beans instead.

I just ordered the fascia blaster…

I will let you know. It’s supposed to get rid of cellulite and also improves circulation, flexibility, joint function…I don’t totally need it but I do like trying and reviewing products that I’ve heard about. A client recently said she just started using it and that she already notices a difference with cellulite, I don’t have very much but there definitely is a little there. My legs are also consistently very tight and sore so it should help with that as well…does my cellulite really bother me=no…would I be happy if I had none=yes

Reviews coming soon, I’ll also take before and after pics!


I was STARVING so he  made me a little snacky:) this will hold me over til dinner…


This morning we went on a 7 mile hike then to the beach. Nothing too crazy but definitely a good workout and a great way to end the weekend. Especially after a weekend of celebrating boyfriends bday.

crock pottin it

So…I bought a crockpot and haven’t used it yet. This week I’m gonna test it out on boyfriend, wish me luck;) any recipe ideas? I know everyone is obsessed with crock pots so I decided I should be more domestic and try one out myself…I’ll let you know how it goes.


what i bought this week.

My fitbit broke this week so I needed a new one before my triip! I’m obsessed..and now there is a newer one out so kinda worked out.

my monday order


I’ve been wanting Alexa so I think it’s just time I buy it. I like the white HERE41oupqzYLOL

Bamboo whisk HERE


in case I cant master the whisk HERE


Obsessed with matcha lately so I need to start making it at home. I’ve been getting it from Alfred Tea but ready to copy and master it at home. I think getting it frothy is key.



Trying to stay away from the chips and tortillas. Oh  but i had 1 mini churro;/

probiotics are a must…


I just watched a long video and researched different probiotics. I found and ordered these. I’ll let you know. I learned that you cant take too many so load up…I’ll let you know.