About Brenda

I try do do what makes me happy every day which is: shopping, traveling, researching everything beauty and health related, and always trying to grow, improve and be a good influence…eating and drinking everything along the way… And staying skinny of course, isn’t that every girls dream? 

I moved to LA to be a hair stylist, and was lucky enough to get quite a few celebrity clients along the way. I love my job, and my clients – but recently I’ve been thinking, what’s next? What else? 

Welcome to my blog, a new challenge and passion. Here I’ll share my adventures; my shopping addict, beauty addict, food addict and dare I say, skinny addict (I’m active and healthy of course) life, in the most creative and inspiring city on the planet – my city – Los Angeles.

Let’s inspire each other. Laugh, love, make mistakes, learn and grow. 


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