Everything I bought today.

I walked to Club Monaco. I’ve been wanting to order some things but I’m not familiar with their sizing. I love their stuff recently. Classic ¬†and sophisticated. The pants I got in size 0, I could have done 2 for a looser “cool fit.” The cozy pants are xs, the SOFTEST pants ever. Shirt I got in blue and white in M, small worked but I liked the Medium better. Dress in size 0. Now that I’m living in Miami I need a new wardrobe. Tight jeans in this humidity no good…and yes I’m living in Miami now. I moved here to be with my boyfriend. I always said I would never live with someone before I was married but never say never, if it feels right you gotta do it. SO I DID! If the door opens you have to walk thru it, actually run through it! xx

Lunch and

Currently playing with my new phone picture settings…and eating…always…but at least it’s healthy…this time;)

The ONLY hair oil to use.

This is the only oil that penetrate all 3 layers of the hair!!! To repair and nourish it from the inside out!!!! Amazing on your face too. You can buy retail or sign up to be a VIP for discounted prices. One time fee 19$

Monat Rejuvenique Oil