The best gift!

Dyson Hair Dryer

I know the price tag is high but it is worth every penny. It’s so much lighter, smaller, and dries your hair much faster. At work when I use anything other than this it feels like the first cell phone. If it wasn’t a HUGE difference I wouldn’t recommend it.

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I think they should pay me;) but I’m just a BIG fan. Clients always ask me what self tanner I’m using…I just put it on my face and chest about every 3 days buts its good all over. I feel so much better when my face is tan. It makes you look dewy, glowy, tan but not orange!

Sephora self-tanning mist

Most make my hair feel dirty…this one feels fresh and clean….and unlike most its naturally based and not flammable lol…always a bonus.

Conditioning dry shampoo

Love these hair products


SO I could go on…but the champ dry shampoo, renew shampoo (moisturizing), smoothing conditioner, blow out cream (heat protectant), root lifter (volume), hairspray, rejuvabeads (for split ends), replenish masque (thirsty hair), black 2+1 (for thinning and clarifying for blondes, scalp issues)…ok I’ll stop.

loveee this


I tried it on today at Fred Segal and didn’t buy it. But I’m still thinking about it! Cashmere is expensive lol…I found it on sale tho!

why wouldn’t you

want healthier, stronger, smoother…hair…

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