Does your hair need HELP? Here is your answer.

If your hair is dry and THIRSTY…

and if you use heat on your hair get the blow out cream FOR SURE //  HERE


If your hair is BREAKING, usually bleached, over processed, won’t grow because it’s fried

intense repair shampoo / HERE.

intense repair conditioner / HERE

intense repair treatment / HERE

For guys with THINNING hair

classic confidence system / HERE

What I use

Renew shampoo / HERE

Smoothing conditioner / HERE

Blow out cream (heat protectant) / HERE

Thickening spray / HERE


I apologize for this really crappy put together post but I’m legit exhausted and figured something was better than nothing! These product I’m obsessed. Like everything if your hair is shit, you need to give the products time to start seeing a difference,,,like going to the gym once and wanting to see major results;0…If you have any questions ask;) they’re naturally based, use less product because its much more concentrated than most…you can order regular retail or become VIP, one time 19.99 (includes free shipping on all other orders, 15% off, free product on you bday…) it’s the way to go in my opinion because your really should be using this and only this on your hair…don’t like it or wanna exchange for another product you got 30 days. The oil is amazeeeee also. proven to penetrate all 3 layers of the hair….other oils don’t do that!!!!! anti aging……




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