Breakfast of a champion

On gluten free sourdough bread from the farmers market. And yes paper plates because I’m a bachelorette tired of doing dishes (next place dishwasher a must)


Liquid up. Nutritionist recommended flor•essence for my hormonal acne;/

This is botox for your hair!

Only oil able to get in the middle of your hair shaft. I also put it on my face! It’s amazing for your skin too. You can use it as a hair treatment while you sleep or use a couple drops (thats all you need) before you bd or after as a finishing.


Best new natural based hair products that work!

the shampoo I use HERE

conditioner I use HERE

(I have curly frizzy hair)

heat protectant/blow out cream HERE

I’ve been testing this out for a few months to see how I like it and I’m obsessed. Not a product pusher but I LOVE! If order I’d do the VIP so you get free shipping and 15% off…and a free product…

Its the ONLY hair product clinically proven to reverse the age of your hair. Like retina for your hair, but natural!

Let me know if you need recommendations for your hair type xx

These are the 3 that I use on the daily for my hair type, which is curly and frizzy.

Naturally based, essential oils, sulfate free…


I’m so annoyed. Kinda for no reason other than PMS…but everyone is so annoying and useless…(not everyone) but u get me?