The best eyelash extension glue!!!!

I like doing my own eyelash extensions but I recently gave up because the burn is sooooo bad. I did some research and this changed my life. I was skeptical but not one tear and it didn’t burn once. Sometimes I get them done but it’s annoying to have to go to another “beauty appointment” and have another expense…I also like doing things myself anyway. If I could give myself botox I would;0

Marvel Eyelash Extension Glue HERE


I love my Nespresso!

I also make equally as beautiful and yummy matcha lattes in the frother. The frother makes hot and cold froth which is a bonus since I like my matcha drinks iced. It still is a treat for me to get my coffee drinks from somewhere else but the Nespresso made my morning coffee drinking a daily treat, without having to leave and I save money.


the capsules I buy HERE


I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore skincare until I actually needed more:/ I’m a bit obsessed. My client brought me something home from China of this brand and I love it!…so I wanted to try some more of their products

just ordered new Nike Flyknits

I need all new sneaks. The white pair i just ordered and posted were too small so I just ordered a half size up in those..These black ones are the new version of my fav pairs. I got rid of one pair and desperately need to get rid of the other. I ordered these in my size (assuming they fit similar to my previous ones.) I love the all black. HERE


I ate it so fast I forgot to take a real photo;/… I was obsessed with my chia pudding but I overdosed on it. My new nightly snack/dessert is greek yogurt with manuka honey and a sprinkle of this beauty blend and super seed mix.

Ok. So…I did this;/…

It’s called fractora. It’s supposed to get rid of all spots, acne scars, tighten your face and produce new collagen. I know the pictures are far from beautiful but I like to share everything with you;) keeping it real. I’ll keep you posted.