My H&M staples and new finds

I have the button up shirt in every color!…and they have new amazing colors in. Mine are 6 and 8.

My blondorexic clients

My client right. She shows me the other picture saying she wanted to be as blonde as the girl on the left! So I did a side by side for her;)!!!! Lol…and this was pre highlights last week. I love you Tanya;)

No judging

I used to crave and eat Taco Bell on a somewhat regular basis…I wasn’t really into it this time. Thankfully, but of course I finished it!

The best eyelash extension glue!!!!

I like doing my own eyelash extensions but I recently gave up because the burn is sooooo bad. I did some research and this changed my life. I was skeptical but not one tear and it didn’t burn once. Sometimes I get them done but it’s annoying to have to go to another “beauty appointment” and have another expense…I also like doing things myself anyway. If I could give myself botox I would;0

Marvel Eyelash Extension Glue HERE