Pre spinning

I’m scared!!!!! I’ve only done it once and I didn’t like it! And I don’t like doing new things, especially by myself. I’m doing it because I’ve been needing a good sweat and to burn extra calories…

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  1. Elena

    Can I suggest SoulCycie…I have good recommendations of instructors that are just amazing. It becomes like therapy and sone of my best classes are ones Iā€™ve done alone. I can send you a list but honestly David (Hollywood and West Hollywood) is probably the best. Let me know if you try it šŸ™‚

    • brenda kovar

      Thanks for the recs! I’ll do a few more times at equinox and then I’ll give Davids class a try. I’m super close to the WeHo so it would be convient…:)

  2. Ag

    I remember you made a post way back about getting a nespresso. Could you do a review? I’ve been thinking of splurging but idk which one to get and if it’s worth it. Been trying to save money on starbucks and ur latte in ur pic looks so good šŸ™‚ thanks xx

  3. jenny

    try flywheel! i tried soul cycle and it made me hate spin! you also might like cycle house. good luck! it’s the best workout!


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