me update

so for the most part I’ve been doing good, although kind hard this weekend. My parents are here and they were planning on meeting him, so I had to tell them that we broke up. My mom got teary so of course I did also. I think she felt sad for me, last time I was with her I was talking about how great he was…I’m sure for a mom to see a daughter (especially at my age) who thinks she met “the one” and then to hear about the break up, makes her sad for me. My PMS, extra emotional, doesn’t help me. I’m good though. Just updating you on my feelings at this moment.


If you want me to stop…lol…writing all sensitive…LMK.

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  1. Kelly

    I can relate to what you write. Years ago I thought I met the one. He broke up with me completely out of the blue, over text no less. I was devastated. I stayed with my parents for a week after. But a year later I met my husband. In comparison he is a million times better for me than that d bag. My true soul mate. It’ll get better, I promise.

    • brenda kovar

      love that! xx! thnk you. I truly know it will;) just ups and downs of couse;)


  2. cc

    big hugs – just a lil unsolicited advise:
    go for the nice guy with potential
    and find the guy that has a good relationship w his parents and respect for his mom – any red flags will show from there
    oh and weed out the dawgs by refraining from sex as long as you can!!

  3. cc

    i mean career potential, not necessarily someone thats already established

  4. Donca

    I like when you talk about your personal life so don’t stop. It’s very relatable. It’s nice you have a good relationship with your mom to be able to tell her and be vulnerable. I hope you enjoy their company although it was supposed to take place under different circumstances. And yes take the super moon to cleanse and get good energy. I’m in the same boat now. Dating and trying my best to accept the journey. It’s not easy at times . Keep the faith Brenda. Rooting for you !!

  5. T

    Hey Lady,
    Don’t stop, continue expressing yourself. This is your safe space to express yourself. It’s healthy and if anyone judges you they can visit another website XOXO

  6. Becky

    Hi, Brenda! I’ve been following you for a while now and have seen the little snippet of your life that you share here. I hope you find a really nice, down-to-earth guy that is successful in all aspects of the definition. I love that you leave yourself open to us and despite what has happened, it’s best that things end now than later if it’s not meant to be. Sending positivity your way!


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