I wish

I could just pass out on a flight. Like the 2 people sitting next to me.

My boots. HIGHLY recommend.

Run big so order half size down. Very comfortable. I love them because they’re on trend but also classic, great quality boots that will last years!

FRYE Combat Boots / HERE

I am…

Currently in the air flying back home from Chicago.

My ex invited me on a road trip to Scottsdale this weekend. I am going. I figured a road trip is a perfect time to talk about everything. I made sure before that if things haven’t changed there is NO need to talk, let alone see each other. The last thing I need and want is to prolong me from moving on 100%… and just get back together because its “comfortable” I much rather be by myself than waste time and be with someone just to “be with someone”


I’ll keep you updated;) Praying for clarity.



No bueno

She won’t go outside so we put my nephews socks on her. She still wouldn’t walk.

Windshield -15

Merry Christmas…Currently

In my room. (Childhood room) reading. My Dad just got home from church. Me and my Mom stayed home because my brother and nieces and nephew were leaving.

I highly recommend this book! My friend gave it to me and I’m gonna buy more to give to my friends. It’s an easy interesting read.

Her face tho

One of her new outfits for Chicago and an amazing blanked from my client…that she thinks is hers.


The darkest day of the year was yesterday! Yay! I hate when it gets dark early.

Tonight’s deep thought.

What you see is not me. It’s your perception of me and how I want to be perceived. What I say, write and how I act is truly me. My true, nonnegotiable me.