I cant wait

til I meet my forever man…that I’ll know he’s always there for me…vice versa…i feel safe always…theres nothing that can shake us…nothing that I can do that would make him leave…I thought he was it…but obviously not. That just means that Gods plan for me is better . Truly believe that. Someone that was talking future with me and then leaves me definitely isn’t right for me! Love is unconditional. Love always gives. Love endures all.

I will keep you updated!

8 Responses to “I cant wait”

  1. Jamie

    special girl like you needs a special man. give it time. patience my dear.

  2. D

    Wow. I needed to hear that too. Sometimes we blame ourselves and beat ourselves up which is terrible. You’re right. Love yourself, be good to you and he will show up. XX

  3. T

    Awww is that why you have been sad…I would say I’m sorry to hear things did not work out but if he was not the one for you, then I am glad he is not around any longer. Stay focused, stay in your purpose, he will come <3

  4. Ann

    Look at Meghan and Harry. Your destiny will be great such as that

  5. Stephanie

    Thank you for always sharing and being so honest and raw with us. I’m sorry you are hurt but your soul deserves far better than him. Keep moving forward, keep your head up. He is out there <3 <3

  6. brenda kovar

    xx thank you all!

  7. Donca

    thank you for being transparent. one day at a time. trust the journey. easier said than done but no matter what don’t hang your head too low or your crown may fall. <3


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