House call work prep

I’d rather be packing to see Him like the usual…but this will do…now the big question, to eat grilled cheese or just go to bed lol. I had subway for dinner with Alexia and saw Coco. It was super cute but reminded me of my vacation with Him. Doesn’t help that i’m PMS’ing so extra emotional. Maybe I just answered my own grilled cheese debate lol.


I’m sick of guys…

Saying I deserve better. What does that even mean? ugh:/ step it up then!!! Is it them trying to make me feel better. It doesn’t. Don’t you want to be wth someone that you think deserves better.? I think its lame.


Tomorrow I volunteer! Always makes me feel better.

Me today

Middle or side?…or should I chop it off?!!!! Can’t decide.

I cant wait

til I meet my forever man…that I’ll know he’s always there for me…vice versa…i feel safe always…theres nothing that can shake us…nothing that I can do that would make him leave…I thought he was it…but obviously not. That just means that Gods plan for me is better . Truly believe that. Someone that was talking future with me and then leaves me definitely isn’t right for me! Love is unconditional. Love always gives. Love endures all.

I will keep you updated!

Love me a good read

Thank you!…my friend (that’s not a reader) finished this book fast!…and she normally doesn’t…must be good.


I’m looking to post my sale picks…but it’s a lot of work and not that exciting lol…all the things I like are very limiting in sizes and colors…I don’t like buying things just because they are “on sale”

…but If I find anything great I will show you!


Constant maintenance. But a must. Tomorrow lashes are back on.