my monday order


I’ve been wanting Alexa so I think it’s just time I buy it. I like the white HERE41oupqzYLOL

Bamboo whisk HERE


in case I cant master the whisk HERE


Obsessed with matcha lately so I need to start making it at home. I’ve been getting it from Alfred Tea but ready to copy and master it at home. I think getting it frothy is key.


My fav hair brush



Well every size of these brushes are my favorite. This one is the easiest to use to get a quick straight blow-dry.

@ibizahair @ibizahairtools


I obviously take a lot of pics…and I want pics of us…but I rather just be with Him than take pics of us…

I like him A LOT…and pretty sure he likes me A LOT too!

pics will come…he’s cute….I’m not, not posting pics cuz he’s ugly lol…because I rather look at him in person and be in the moment than take pictures . He also is not into social media and is almost never has his phone out when I’m with him…Which I LOVE.

A little extra 

I had another amazing day with Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara. I’m always happy but I’m extra with him;)


Trying to stay away from the chips and tortillas. Oh  but i had 1 mini churro;/