So dry I’m choking lol… but seriously… i’m the highest weight I’ve been in forever so my dinner is just protein but it is a rough getting it down no lie:/

My new jeans

I needed new ones without holes so I ordered a bunch. These two are the keepers. Both true to size

Packing for SB

I don’t leave till Friday but I’m doing nothing now. It’s only two nights but we’re going to go to a theater hiking beach and who knows what else so I have to be prepared.


Ugh putting my waist trainer on to make me feel better. So bloated from pms…or hopefully its just that:/

Cauliflower crust pizza dinner

mix pre chopped cauliflower from trader joes with 1 egg and a little cheese (seasoning if you want)

if you chop your own cauliflower make sure u ring it out in a towel to remove all the water

bake crust for 20 minutes at 450 degrees

take out and add toppings

bake with toppings for another 10 minutes