Then give this nugget a bath. Santa Barbara comes today and she can’t be stinky. We are still in the beginning phases both of us have to be on our best behavior;)

All day

And some egg white salad. The second drink is matcha green tea with almond milk.  Dinner was everything in my fridge thrown together. 


If you don’t know. I spent the weekend with in Santa Barbara, with Santa Barbara…On Saturday we went wine tasting amongst many other activities. At one of the wineries we laid out a blanket in the shade with a bottle of wine. As we were kissing and enjoying the day, he said, “I’m seeing anyone else and I don’t want to see anyone else” (insert here aweee…heart melt) ;)…and I happily and honestly replied, “Im not seeing anyone else and I don’t want to either” (insert us kissing)…xoxoxoxo



I was starving…

So I went to chipotle and got a side of beans and a side of guacamole. It was kind of the perfect snack. 

Never mind on the diet today:/

If you didn’t know. Every Wednesday I a m with, who I refer to as, my girl…So typically it ends up being a cheat day…She wanted to go to this place and of course I had to try everything…I mean it woulda been lame if I just had a salad;)…I hate to call it volunteering because it’s and she’s more to me than that. But if you ever want to donate to a good cause it’s Maryvale (a group home for at risk teenage girls)…easiest understood as an orphanage for teens without family…It’s like a dorms for teen girls without foster homes or families. She is family and best friend now.