Dealing with crap…

Literally:/…. I swear every time I go away when I come home there’s a disaster. My bathtub and shower are backed up with sewage dirt smelly who knows what, and the plumber can’t come until tomorrow… so I went to the gym to shower last night and pretended to work out for 10 minutes and tonight I went to Sam’s to shower. #welcomehome:/ they better show up tomorrow because this place smells and I have a bunch of laundry to do and don’t want to shower anywhere else again 

3 Responses to “Dealing with crap…”

  1. DMC

    this sounds horrible…I love how you pretended to work out for 10 mins before using the shower LOL

  2. Donca

    OH Geez. I too had plumbing issues recently standing water in my shower what a hassle. Hope you get it resolved sooner than later.

  3. brenda kovar

    lo yup but i didn’t even pretend this morning lol just showered and left ;/


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