I love sneakers!

But they were out of my size!!!! Got he name of them so I’ll find them online and link…hopefully:/

My Fitbit step record happened

I HIGHLY recommend getting the Fitbit! It also helps with loosing and maintains weight because you can track you calories. I love knowing how many steps I take in a day…if at night I have under 10k I will go on an extra long walk to try to hit it.

So thirsty 

I may have to check into rehab when I get back to LA:/!!!!!!! Major detox when I get back…but that may not happen…

Work is overrated…

…but I guess it makes you appreciate moments like this more…we were eating lunch and these guys invited us on their boat. It’s always nice to meet cool guys that just want girl company without being creepy at all, they were so respectful and had girlfriends so all good clean fun;) Too often guys are creeps and pervs its nice to meet guys without having to deal with any of that. It was one of the guys bachelor party and they just though it would be nice to have girl company instead of a bachelor party sausage fest lol;)

This is what life is about 

Currently in Barcelona and loving it here. Great food, drinks and nightlife. Our hotel, Monument, is beautiful with amazing service! They also upgraded us from a suite to a deluxe suite…