dating now…

sucks…So I meet someone great and I realize that they google me before they know me…then judge me…I’m tired of having to prove that I’m an authentic, loyal, genuine person that is looking for the love of my life and belies in it…Don’t fucking judge me from what you “see” and “assume” of me by my social media…no more proving myself to others before they even know me or give me a chance…I believe my future husband wont be like that and will love me for who I am …from the beginning…and never judge me…


it just sucks when you have a great connection with someone and get excited and then realize they go from hot to cold overnight because ย they found you on social media and “assume”….whatever…stupid…disappointing…immature…

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  1. Donca

    Dating isn’t easy. Hang in there. And remember ‘it’s never about you ‘. Easier to believe down the line than in the moment but it’s so true. If you have a chance pick up the book the 4 agreements. (Not a dating book lol ) Will align with some of the other self enrichment things you have been reading. Hang in there. Dating past 30 and in this modern era isn’t easy and only those out on the front lines will understand.

  2. b

    why would someone judge you? you are a wonderful person. level headed and grounded. it is easy to see that from your social media

  3. Stephanie

    Sorry to hear that ๐Ÿ™ but I guess like you said in your interview it’s better to know sooner than later about people. I don’t even know what you could post that could be judged and I think it says a lot about your confidence that you both put yourself out there (sadly criticism comes with that) and that you share all your finds and tips with us. It’s also clear you care about animals, your friends, clients and you volunteer. It sucks but he’s clearly kinda douchey. My two cents ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy your trip and go drink some wine and buy yourself something fabulous!

  4. cc

    first rule of the fight club:
    – never post pics of two guys you are simultaneously banging at the same time
    – they will not turn a hoe into a housewife

    btw you’re not a hoe, guys do this all the time and get away with it but if it’s true he googled you, pics will tell him a story that would definitely scare or intimidate him away

    • brenda kovar

      I’m not banging any of them so the story is untrue that they assume and only dated 1 guy this trip;)

  5. Dmc

    I have been reading this blog forever and I haven’t seen anything alarming on here. He seems like he is just one of those people who looks for an excuse to be scared off-later!

  6. brenda kovar



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