Din din date 

so I’m dating a few guys…ALWAYS…one of my dating tips they I’ll share soon…

Dinner at Jar…Pork chops for me and steak for him…split a caesar salad and I drank a dirty martini! Cheers!


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More tomorrow I’m sleepy;) nite nite

Dating advice…form a very experienced dater;)


Tip number 1;)

Something I’m working on now required me answering the question, “what is my best dating advise?” I have sooo much so to think of the best took a min…but only a minute;) This was my answer

I now you’ve herd this before but it is true and probably the best advice.

I would say trust your first instinct. If something feels off 99% it is is, don’t question yourself for whatever reason. This will save you from wasting time (which goes by fast) Trust your first instinct, it is more right than you think! Sometimes for whatever reason we want something to work that we know won’t or isn’t working, so STOP, you will just find a better one and the right one faster, and once you do you’ll be thankful you didn’t spend 1 more minute with the last guy (or girl) that you hoped or wanted to work! TRUTH

Sunday Shopping List

ordering it all unless I have it already;) open back button down I have in Medium and sprotsbras in small;)