Dinner ugh

I was gonna eat healthy until I realized there was a donut shop next to where I was picking up dinner:/ I HAD to:/

NAILSINC Paint can review 


Paint Can HERE 

So of course I thought this was genius and that I would never need a manicure again but I’m not sure thats the case…It was easy to do but what I did’t realize was that you have to wait for each to dry before the next step so it actually take the same amount of time as if you were to paint them yourself (although if you’re really bad at painting and don’t get manicures this may be for you) I thought that you would just spray wash and go but this isn’t the case, also when you wash your hands you really have to scrub it off your skin (takes a couple washes) I wouldn’t say it’s a complete bust, it just isn’t for me…I rather just go get a manicure…possibly if I had to do my own I would use it as it is a neater job than painting your nails yourself.

the steps are;1) you apply base coat and wait for it to dry 2) spray nails and wait for that to dry 3) top coat wait to dry 4) wash hands

…possibly I would like it better in a different color also


I need!


As you know I don’t like dresses so when I do find one I like I need to buy it…on sale and almost sold out!


The best protein shake

1 1/2 scoops protein powder


teaspoon of flax and maca

frozen blueberries (just dump in)

1/2 frozen banana

teaspoon coconut oil


1/2 of frozen Sambazon unsweetened acai berry bar