I’m fighting a cold…

any favorite remedies to fight it off?



6 Responses to “I’m fighting a cold…”

  1. Jenelle

    •1/2 cup honey
    •1 juiced lemon
    •pinch of ground cinnamon
    •1 shot of whiskey
    Warm the lemon juice and honey for one minute. Stir in whiskey and add cinnamon and sip from a mug. Always helps me when I have a sore throat and/or pesky cough. I tend to add more whiskey for fun effects 🙂

  2. Elisa

    Hot almond milk add plenty of Grappa

    Hot sauce, hot water, garlic and lemon juice

    Take a sauna

  3. brenda kovar

    xx i like the whisky idea;)


  4. Jacquie

    Oil of oregano! Best stuff ever.


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