Butt workout video!


workout video #1

Bear with me it’s my first;)

3 Responses to “Butt workout video!”

  1. Fi

    How do you stay so thin? Is it genetics? Or is there a secret method. I exercise, eat well, sometimes pig out too but don’t have the zero fat look I want. You look healthy and amazing!

  2. brenda kovar

    it’s both. If I ate whatever I wanted at my age now I would be 20lbs heavier but growing up, until recently this was my body without trying so hard…thank you! I wold say food is everything for me and gym just tones…when not pigging out strict! And how often do you cheat?

  3. Fi

    Thanks sweetie! I think more discipline is what I need. You’ve inspired me to crack into shape. Back on the green juices and protein. X


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