This doesn’t make me feel better…but…I hope it makes you feel better:(

For those of you who wonder how I can only have liquids during the day or think that I starve myself…I hope this makes you feel better and/or understand that I LOVE to eat and I DO eat! Once I start I can’t stop (obviously)…lol…I wish that I could say that I shared this pizza, but the truth is that the only person I shared it with was my dog (and I only gave her 1 pepperoni and a dime size of cheese)…

xoxo, ME

6 Responses to “This doesn’t make me feel better…but…I hope it makes you feel better:(”

  1. Ellen

    That pizza does look hard to resist…Thank you for being so honest. Shit happens 🙂

  2. Apple

    Aw girl. I don’t think you starve yourself! It’s pretty evident that you do in fact eat. I just wish that I had your willpower to be able to have such healthy lunches or small breakfasts like you tend to do. It’s hard work!!! And I’m trying to get there :))) thx for he inspo as always and showing that your human. Xx

  3. Fi

    I can’t look at it! All I’ve had is soup and peppermint tea but all I really want is THAT pizza!!!

  4. DeeDee

    OMG! U didn’t save me a slice! Dx

  5. DMC

    I do this have liquids all day and then eat what I want for dinner. Its called selective fasting and it works:)

  6. Pamela

    So as a dietician, my advice to you is to eat real food during the day. The reason you binge is because you are not eating enough during the day/week and that is why you can’t resist the temptation. Trust me if you were to eat good meals throughout the day this wouldn’t happen. You wouldn’t feel deprived. A mix of carbs protein and fat for every meal is key. And some pizza once in a while is not a bad thing 🙂


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