New in today and all keepers!

Calvin Klein Underwear / HERE

Cards Against Humanity / HERE

I love plalying games with friends, I played this one on Guiliana’s birthay with the crew!

Clu Plaid Collar Pullover (on sale) (mine a medium) / HERE

SK-ll Facial Treatment Mask / HERE

Baby duty

My brothers 2 mo old twins, Emma and Madeline:) Me and my mom offerd to do baby duty one night so the parents could sleep.

Family Christmas Activity

My nieces and nephew agreed that Auntie Brenda was the best, and Emily (above) was happy becase we got the cute instructor…teenagers;)…

First thing I did when I got home


Dr Lancer Exfoliator / HERE


Kate Somerville DermalQuench / HERE


Verso Facial Serum with Retinol 8 / HERE


Mario Badescu Zit Drying Lotion / HERE

I did all of these in this order! My skin needed some love after flying, being in the cold, and eating CRAP for days! All I’m missing is my SK-ll facial mask that should be arriving any day.

Everday Basic


I took me a long time to buy a balenciaga but definately a must! It’s that perfect lightweight, cute, fit everything in it bag that doesn’t go out of style.

Balenciaga Classic City Tote / HERE