juice update

So…I had a small lunch and juiced for breakfast and dinner like I planned. It’s not that hard and my stomach feels much flatter already. I think for me, the lunch is key as I need food. I also went to the gym and had a great workout…

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes. I’m planning on juicing for breakfast and lunch and a light early dinner, If I feel good I wont have dinner but don’t want to se to high of expectations:)


Love the dark


These are one of my favorite jeans. Love the high waist and they are so comfortable and flattering, they give you sexy curves, and are so comfortable;)

Citizens of Humanity (true to size) / HERE

I’m starving already:/!!!



So my “plan” is to have juice for breakfast and dinner for 3 days:/ I am not doing it for lunch unless i feel like I can, I’m doing that because I know I need food and every time I try to juice all daly it never happens:/ so I am setting a realistic expectation:) but I’m starving already and it’s not even 10am!!!!!