Come ON Brenda Motivate!

For some reason I can’t drop weight and tome up! I’ve been good with food, going to the gym, and drinking less:/ I’m hoping its just PMS or that it’s gonna fall off next week…I swear every morning I’ve been gaining a 1/2 lb when I should be losing! So frustrating !!!!


greek yogurt, chia seeds, flax seeds, honey, banana, blueberries 🙂

Now Burning

One of my favorites and it makes a perfect gift. I don’t know about you but I love burning candles but hate spending my money on them!


New Do

She loves her bone but she’s not so sure about the purple clip…I thought, as a hair stylist, I should start doing her hair…


Balenciaga on a bench, in my hand, in the bush…looks good everywhere…I’ve been needing a bag like this forever but since it’s been around for so long it was hard for me to actually spend the money on it, I wasn’t excited about it  but definitely lacked this type of bag in my wardrobe…so once I saw this color I knew it was time! Only took me 2 years to buy it:/…but…worth the wait…

the color name is: GRIS PYRITE