Just Ordered

I’m going to Hawaii!!!!!! I don’t know what happent to my haviannas so I needed to buy a couple new pairs to wear to the beach and pool. I got silver and white

Cover Up

I love this cover up! I love that you can unbutton the bottom almost all the way up and let it blow and flow at the beach and pool;) It’s pretty, sexy, chill…

I’ll Try

I’m always looking for the perfect heel that I can wear to work. I can’t wear high ones all day but I don’t want them too low either…These seem like a good option xx

Oh Tuesday

I usually only wear sneaks to work on the weekend but this week is brutal! I was so busy last week that Sunday just wasn’t enough to recover!! So on This Tuesday, that feels like a Saturday, I’m wearing sneaks…Maybe yoga tonight will help recharge me…xx

Take Me Away

I’ve been feeling like I need to get away and escape, get out of the daily regular routine and live in dream land for a little…xx

What Do You Think?

I mean the picture of them with the baby is sweet but they always seem so “planned” and “unnatural” to me…I do think she is gorg…