NEVER again

Didn’t even finish day 1 and I’m starving and headache!!! I’m meant to eat…always

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  1. Anonymous

    gurrrl dont even worry about it. lol. its fine. Your totally skinny and totally meant to eat too! hahaha. What about cravings though? Do you usually get them everyday? (Sorry- i think i asked you this before but never got a response)

  2. brendak

    I get cravings every minute!!! I’m obsessed with food. More salt cravings tho…i dream of cheeseburgers pizza nachos cupcakes…so YES I get cravings every day


  3. Anonymous

    same here i couldnt do it for a day by 5 pm i had to eat! Did u eat then?

  4. brendak

    YES!!!!! viggies and hummus and a trader joes eggwhite salad:/ on day 2 and just ate turkey and mustard!!!!!! FAILED


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