Back to my roots…

I’ve been struggling with my weight for a while now and a good friend reminded me that when I was skinniest I ate this every day for lunch…here we go!…
trader joes egg white salad
1/2 avocado

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  1. Anonymous

    do you eat the whole thing for lunch?

  2. Anonymous

    What is it?

  3. Anonymous

    What is it

  4. Anonymous

    Please tell us your ht & wt admuchs

  5. Anonymous

    Looks like trader joes spicy ranchero egg salad 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    many of us are struggling with our weight…maybe you can help us?

  7. brendak

    yes! 🙂

    5’7 ill weigh in later but my average lately has been 113.5 I feel best at 108 and that used to be my normal average until the past few months…on my way back down

  8. brendak

    yes the whole thing and yes trader joe’s spicy egg white salad


  9. Anonymous

    It doesn’t look like you are struggling with your weight. You look very skinny.

  10. brendak

    you’re right I am very thin but I think we all have an average weight that we feel comfortable with. A couple weeks ago I was 10 over that. I am now down 5 from the 10 over…not tragic but I know the 5 goes to 10 really fast that will leat to 15..20…so I think important tonip it in the butt. I’ts frickin hard to drop the 10…

  11. Denise

    You’re right, we do all weight that we are comfortable at regardless of what other people think. A tip that is helping me is green tea with lemon. I sub it for water during the day. It works:)

  12. Marie

    Hi Brenda, I know this post is a bit old 😉 But nonetheless I admire the honesty about “your best skinny(!) HEALTHY weight!”. If some have ever been at that point, they’ll know what you mean! I just think a lot of girls don’t dare to really tell it and cover their desires in “fitness” is the new skinny. But come on, all of the girls are working out and eating as they do because they want to reach their point where they feel at their best, right? So thanks for sharing your feelings! 🙂 Looks like in your latest post (August 2014) that you’ve reached it again 😉

    Hugs, Marie


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