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  1. Skinny Supernova

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  2. Anonymous

    love your blog gorgeous! love all those secrets you share 😉

    -do you still drink organo gold gourmet black coffee? you never posted about it after that one time so was curious…
    -what cranberry juice brand do you drink? most brands are full of sugar so wanted to get the right one.
    -did you ever get the nike free 5.0 sneakers? love them! i can’t decide on the color…
    -do you only use Udis bread for your go-to meal of eggs & avocado

  3. brendak

    -yes only Udis as of now but I do swithc habbits, I’ll post if change
    -I didn’t get either…yet…as the’y were busy…and as I was waiting I told mself I have 3 perfectly good sneaks…but I still might get…

    …the rest coming


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