Din din

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  1. fashion lover

    hi brenda i have a few questions about guilianas hair that you do. first of all it always looks fantastic! you are so talented!!
    Could you possibly do a blog post or even better a video on how you do her signature curls?? i love her hair!
    also can you tell me what sort of extensions she wears and what type are the best to use on ur hair?
    x l

  2. Anonymous

    ditto, G’s hair always looks amaze! Do you still work at Roman salon also or are you just at E! ??

  3. fashion lover

    are you not going to comment 🙁

  4. Elly

    She has posted about the curls before.. 1 inch curling iron, wrapped tight, make sure to leave the ends out 🙂

  5. brendak

    I’mat the salon still. yes curl with 1 in, hairspray each section leave the ends out and when done brush it out. Tease the ends if you want it bigger…thank you xx:) She has the individual keratin bond extensions but sometimes we put clip in’s too if we want it extra big and full


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