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  1. Anonymous

    would you be opposed to making your own? i’m on the east coast and our trader’s doesn’t carry this! so jealous every time i see you eating it! dying to try!! xoxo

  2. Anonymous

    Why kind of scale do you use?

  3. brendak

    my scale brant is THINNER. I never had a scale I would just weigh at gym but I like this one…

  4. brendak

    It doesn’t carry?! You should ask them to, they’re always open to suggestions… not opposed to making just easy for me to buy…

  5. Jen

    I seriously want to thank you for always answering everyone’s questions :). You’re awesome!! I was wondering if you always eat breakfast first thing in the morning, even if you’re not hungry when you wake up? Also, what do you normally eat in the mornings?

  6. brendak

    thank you for your posts!…yes ALWAYS eat in the am…usually a think thin bar or egg whites with veggies and/or some kind of turkey product…


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