When I’m tired and that’s the only food I have in the house.

A God moment

I was with my family for the past 5 days, which was amazing, but I found myself dealing with talking so much and listening so much. My family is huge and there were 16 of us in my parents house. If you guys don’t know, I’m a bit of an introvert/homebody. Although it’s amazing to have such a big loving family it also takes alot out of me being with all of them.

I got back to LA tonight and took Uber home. My driver was deaf. I literally had the conversation with my sisters earlier on how I don’t like if the driver talks to me…and how being with talking to so many people today took alot of energy out of me…It hit me…Here I have an amazing big loving family who all want to see me and we can easily communicate with one another. I know I take that for granted. I wanted to cry, I just wished I could communicate with the driver. What he would do to be able to talk.

Life Lessons

My H&M staples and new finds

I have the button up shirt in every color!…and they have new amazing colors in. Mine are 6 and 8.

My blondorexic clients

My client right. She shows me the other picture saying she wanted to be as blonde as the girl on the left! So I did a side by side for her;)!!!! Lol…and this was pre highlights last week. I love you Tanya;)