She made me shine

Happy:)…tonight, with her, I was happy!!! We worked out, danced, and ate. I almost didn’t see her but I knew if I didn’t I would just meet up with friends, drink and feel like a loser;) my good decision paid off. She brought me joy. Love you Alexia.

The friend that…

You can not talk to for months but is always there for you, and whenever you talk it’s as if no time has gone by. She’s my childhood friend and still see her whenever I get back to Chicago. We also went to beauty school together;)

Thanks Rach! Xo


immersion blender


I think I might order this. I like to make soup a lot so think it will be worth having…even though I haven’t made puree soup before, I know after making once I’ll do it all the time.

new soup cravings…

I’m wanting to make a veggie puree soup for the first time. I love soup and its great to make is big batches and freeze. I’m going to google some recipes and make it this week! I’ll let you know! Seems like they all have potatoes in them tho:/… I think I can replace with white beans instead.


still…feeling…thinking…confused…sad…hurt…lonely…but trying to keep my chin up and still be thankful. I’m an introvert so when I’m hurting or feeling anything I come here to talk to you…to myself…some people feel better talking to others…I don’t…I seclude myself and think and talk to myself…it helps. I trust myself and my own advice…although takes time…talking out loud makes it more real…hurts more and doesn’t help me.


Love, bare me


The best blowdryer. Dyson blowdryer!

I was hesitant to buy it because of the price but after I heard clients raving about it I needed to see for myself…it’s amazing! It’s lighter, dries it faster and makes your hair smoother…If you blow-dry your own hair on a regular basis I highly recommend it. It does come with a 2 year warranty;) HERE


obviously know I’m not a horrible person, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you question everything. The key is keeping the faith, trusting that God knows best and that everything will work out better than you could have planned yourself…