Treat yo self

I treat myself a little too much;) I needed to get my fall pumpkin fix. Today I’m gonna try to not cheat so much. My cousin is coming in a couple of weeks and we always pig out!…

Here Ellen;)

I can’t find my exact ones but seems like this is the new version of them. Frye HERE


Understanding VIP program

Last day to get free oil!!!

Flexship is the most convenient way to receive our products!

As a VIP Customer, we ask that you have two qualifying Flexship orders of $84 or more after your enrollment order, and we do not set a deadline by which they must be completed but ask you complete them within 6 months. Product usage and needs vary from person to person. Some will want to order every month, while others don’t need it as frequently, especially if you’re taking advantage of our flash sale offers.

When you enrolled as a VIP Customer, you set a date for your first Flexship order. Before it ships, you’ll receive an email from us. This gives you time to adjust what is included in the order and the delivery date, if needed.



If you’re not sure what system to buy.

If your hair is:

Very dry/thirsty: HYDRATION SYSTEM

Flat and limp: VOLUME SYSTEM

Dry and frizzy: EFFORTLESS STYLE (I use)

THINNING: CLASSIC CONFIDENCE (if female use additional conditioner)

There are 3 ways to purchase!

1: retail/pay for shipping and full price

2: become a VIP

-one time payment of 19.99

-15% off orders

-free shipping

-access to amazing flash sales (now free rejuvenique oil valuesd at $99 and additional free product with system purchase)

3. Become a market partner and receive 30% off!

4. Want to order but want me to do all the work because it’s confusing;) email me your cc# shipping/billing address and I’ll order for you and consult with you on what you need;)

But really LOVE this stuff….and love you!