Our rental house

So we sold the condo and our house won’t be ready for about 6 months yet. So here is our temporary home. I love all the cute details. It was a struggle finding a rental for 6 months since everyone wants a year lease but we found one:) the dogs will love having a yard…and so will we. The worst part about the condo was having to go down 33 flights just to walk them. I feel like my job is dog walking;)…well it could be worse:)

His undies

Expensive ┬ábut they are THE BEST! He’s tried them all!!! From Tom Ford to Paul Frank…


Ok I think I’m doing it

but now I want it today lol. Once I decide I want something I want it immediately. Lina LOVES hers and I feel like my face is falling. It’s pricey but better and cheaper than filler and facials all the time. HERE

Parachute Sheets

I ordered the the Duvet cover in parcel to test it out and now I’m ordering more! He is obsessed, keeps asking me to order more. I think I’m gonna test out the sateen fitted sheet. HERE

My cart

I need to narrow it down though;/ I clearly need more shorts…I have the leopard biker shorts and am OBSESSED

New gel color

I tried a bunch before I found one I liked. They use different brands here than LA so I needed to find a new alternative to my usual white. This is the perfect neutral.


I haven’t heard of Bhutan until I met Him. And here we are. They measure their wealth by happiness. Gorgeous place gorgeous people.

Monat is all I’ll use

I had to reorder! I’m almost out and if you know me, I NEED backstock. I’m also traveling for 3 weeks and I don’t have enough conditioner to last me. I CANT use hotel shampoo, it’s always awful, I’ve made that mistake too many times. I usually alternate between the renew shampoo and black 2in1 but since living in Florida the smoothing shampoo is a must. Life changing! If you deal with frizz and curls it’s a must. I alternate my conditioner from the smoothing to the replenish masque. I also am taking the S3 supplements to help my hair grow faster and thicker! I loved my short hair in LA but not so much in Miami. I always use the blowout cream, a must when blowdrying.


smoothing shampoo for frizzy hair

replenish masque for dry thirsty hair

a must before you blow-dry, it protects it from the heat so it doesn’t break and dry out!


conditioner for frizzy hair



for the cold.

Hot Chillis for layering in cold weather! I’m heading to Bhutan and it’s freezing so ordering up all my layers.